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May the Force be with you Luminara Unduli. Always.


May the Force be with you Luminara Unduli. Always.

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Luminara Unduli in Star Wars Rebels

Luminara Unduli in Star Wars Rebels


Wait, is Rise of the Old Masters already up on Watch Disney XD?

Yup, it is, and it’s freaking amazing!!

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Fighter Flight, Star Wars Rebels, 1.03

Steven G. Lee (D), Kevin Hopps (S), 20/10/14

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Looks like the Inquisitor will be doing some…inquiring.

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Look what’s up on YouTube!!!

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As my brother said, Fighter Flight makes the series feel like it should be called Star Wars: Rebellions Are Magic

+takes a lighthearted premise but delivers it in an entertaining way
+ great character development for Ezra and Zeb
+ pacing was decent
+ Kanan/Hera moment
+Hera is best mother figure, the family dynamic of the Ghost crew is great

-We seriously need some character development for Sabine, she’s the only one whose personality I feel like we barely know yet
-Plot doesn’t seem to contribute as much to the overarching story, seemed like a “filler story”


Rebels Recon #3 features an in-depth look at the Star Wars Rebels episode “Fighter Flight,” with a recap, cast and crew interviews!

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Sabine’s artistic reaction painting = perfect

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Zeb and Ezra are so adorkable together as brother figures….

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